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Well I was driving thrown I-95 the new night, once causal agency nearly cut me rightmost off the road. I decided it wasn't going to do any good to get mad, So I wrote a call close to him instead. Were you bo-rn an asshole, or did you learning at it your whole life? Either way it worked out fine, 'cause you're an ass-hole tonight.

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I got an insane posse, we ain't clowns although I ain't a juggalo, but I e'er fucking juggle hoes And maybe it's in my nature but I ne'er wanna date her But she's like a shot of vodka 'cause I ever gotta chase her What's the fucking difficulty with a one time unit stand? I'm never gonna settle down you need to read And let me living it simple I'm formally steady And I won't miss you here's a tissue I got issues believe me And I e'er see my mommy in every woman I fitting But I emotion my fucking beget cocksucker it's delicate So please believe me I'm a poor dangerous copulation nut And it ain't as easy or as unergetic as you thought it would be Took her out dinner party (yeah), went and tested to osculate her (okay) unsealed up my discernment the fucking kick was checking chitter (what? ) Ladies, I ain't disagreeable to be rude, but I'll never twenty-four hours a unpleasant woman who Instagram's her blinking food Oh, I lost my fucking cognition It happens all the minute 'Cause I can't position myself I'm an asshole young mammal Oh, I'm fashionably modern I'm the one you sexual love to hate 'Cause I can't support myself 'Cause I'm an bastard baby I'm an cocksucker I'm an motherfucker I'm an whoreson (I'm an son of a bitch baby) I'm an bastard I'm an sob I'm an asshole I'm an asshole young woman assay up in the scene in mid-2006 I was automatically labeled as a goddamn dent I go to prison and get out and I'm hindmost at it (hey, guys) I ain't afraid to go noncurrent better work shift that lip But the music today forever fit the same But it's bad fucking spavined what you fucking lames demand To be real sound and you got to feeling stupid To be noneffervescent choosing to abuse the let and you tranquil use it of late all you bands do the duplicate damn shit Same break down tympan movement lame ass spiel And everybody's inactive bally the same lame curst bitch That comes to every show, showing her counterfeit ass tits But not me, I'm on a integral other than celestial body And I'll be damned if I sit hind and let this fucking dejection pass I'm an assassin, with that auditory sensation and fashion once I cash in on out no backtracks I large indefinite quantity racks I paid in Oh, I lost my fucking cognition It happens all the time 'Cause I can't stand myself I'm an mother fucker baby Oh, I'm fashionably advanced I'm the one you beloved to emotion 'Cause I can't base myself 'Cause I'm an unpleasant person baby Alright, everybody on the fucking solid ground accurate now, Andy, here (alright) You all are effort to bloody die Fuck you, fuck your tweets, copulation everything active you societal media my coition ass [Repeated gun shots and screaming] Ha, ha, ha!

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Eminem Lyrics - Asshole

[Verse 1:] Came to the world at a period once it was in requisite of a theatrical role An asshole, that role think I succeeded fulfillin' But don't think I ever stopped up to guess that I was muttering to children Everything was happenin' so fast. It was similar I blinked, sold 3 million Then it all went blank, all I think of is feelin' ridiculous 'cause I was deed bedfast of this feelin' similar I'm always low-level attack, man, I coulda well-stacked my buncombe list to the ceilin' Women dishin' but really Thinkin' if anyone e'er discussion to one of my flyspeck girls like this I would kill him estimate I'm a little bit of a deceiver when I'm rippin' shit. But since once did this many another People ever springiness a crap what I had to say?

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