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Pew Die Pie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, amended famous by his online also known as Pew Die Pie, is a scandinavian language web-based comedian and visual communication producer, incomparable known for his Let's show commentaries and vlogs on You Tube. Saying all youtuber who plays the same games simulate him.2. When I watched his videos It felt look-alike watching paint dry.3. The videos I watched were his happywheels let's pat, and all he did was talk "I DON'T CARE" in forward of the screen... And when he's playing Amnesia and finds a amber statue called, "Stephano" he stops what ever so the hell he is doing and creates a bogus singer for it, picks it up and literally the side by side few parts of the lets play is rightful HIM talking to this golden statue... all but of his fans are bothersome little kids who have nothing improved go do than go to their graven image and binge apart anyone who has an belief of him that they don't approve of. He is famed for living thing the most subscribed-to You Tuber on the website, earning concluded 50 million subs. I even saw many of them here, nerve-racking to reason him and making a patsy of themselves in the process. I really used to corresponding him, but he seemed to become more childish as he grew in popularity! They attack anyone who has a negative public opinion of Pewdiepie, and anyone they take to have derived him!

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Tweetwell we all know that the ‘gaygod’ and ‘diageoliam’ don’t really get along bt this has e'er been unofficual until diageoliam posts hatred about mathew: fuseaction=bulletin.read&author ID=51564724&message ID=6283016491 If your urgently endeavour fame online, hera are somethings other individuals somebody cooked to get known. You can run a incredible website comparable susan brownell anthony Vanity, but it intent be a EPIC FAIL:) B. You can copy any of the masses if you want to be the next Brandon Hilton. You could text everyone else and say your original, you may requisite to Photoshop your ugly ass so you look perfect though. You could mustard minor girls with your STDs and end up working at a hot dog rack cause you on the q.t. impoverishment cock; as your internet career goes to the shits (John Hock) D.

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